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February 22, 2011 / ccnav4

CCNA 2 Skill test 2011

Thank Ebad Ahmadzadeh sent it to me!

CCNA 2 Skill test 2011

you are an employee of XYZ company, and your task is to build and configure the network for branch and connect it to the ISP network. The company has 20 equivalent branches and you are responsible for a branch
ccna 2 skill 2011

ccna 2 skill 2011
1-Access to an ISP through the interface F0/0 of router0
  • Use address to configure this interface.
2-Address is configured on the other side at ISP
3-Prepare addressing schema for network
  • on the basis of network using VLSM
  • configure routers interfaces
4-Configure dynamic routing OSPF on both routers.
  • Include all of your network and the network to the ISP
  • Summarize manually networks to
5-configure the default routing to the internet through the ISP network-check the availability of a web server at
6- Configure remote access to one router
  • Use VTY password: cisco
  • Use a password to enable secret: class
Download:   >> ccna 2 skill 2011<<

CCNA2_Skill_Test.docx CCNA2_Skill_Test.docx
CCNA2_Skill_Test.pdf CCNA2_Skill_Test.pdf
topologia.pkt topologia.pkt

(Source: ccna final)


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  1. Anonymous / Feb 27 2011 7:12 pm

    Hi has any body got the skills test for; CCNA Discovery 2,Working at a Small-to-Medium Business or ISP v4.1?

    I could do with this exact skills test please. If some kind person can be of some assistance.

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